Partnering with companies to drive stage appropriate growth.

We are business builders and operators ourselves who have learned, through first hand experience, what it takes to succeed. We love it when your team wins.

A different approach

Hands on builders

We are not consultants interested in telling you what you should do. We are operators at heart. We want to be a part of the team, building together, and then testing what we built to make sure it works

Founder’s experience

As founders ourselves, we have learned as much from our successes as our failures. We are deeply familiar with the unique challenges of a new company or a new organization. We balance the long term vision with the importance of meeting interim milestones in hyper constrained environments.

Cross functional collective

We believe that functions within a company are more like systems of a body than independent departments. When healthy, the functions/systems work together to create magic. We use cross functional teams and collective wisdom to create lasting solutions.

the helix

we are a technology consulting team that is intertwined with our client’s and partner’s success
The helix has withstood the test of time, religion, biological and cultural influences. It is a symbol of evolution, growth and resilience. It is found all throughout nature and can provide strength, stability, and support from. In engineering, it can provide flexibility, resilience, and the ability to absorb shock and energy.
Case Studies

Murmur MD

Collaborative app for cardiologists to interact with fellow doctors and improve patient outcomes.


Satellite technology company uses Salesforce CPQ for contract management of subscription services,


Data Science applied tooling and operational efficiencies

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