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Murmur MD

An interventional cardiologist networking app designed for physicians to discuss techniques with fellow doctors to improve patient outcomes.


The challenge was to grow the user base to ensure partners were happy with the number of doctors consuming and interacting with their content. The reality was not enough new users were engaged and creating content despite the value the product was creating. So we needed design an experience that increased user engagement and content creation.

Product Strategy 

Product Market Fit

Product Envisioning


While we needed to grow the user base, the user engagement was the ultimate success metric. Since there was limited visibility into how the users were currently interacting with the product, we instrumented event based analytics. We created dashboards to track onboarding funnels and drop offs, key metrics to inform product decisions as well as partner analytics.

We conducted user interviews, user surveys and market/competitor analysis to help understand the current product market fit and the key jobs to be done. We discovered the key reason people joined the platform and the value they were expecting was to connect with their peers and collaborate with them on cases so they can be more confident in my patient care. 

As we dug into the new analytics data, we discovered that for newly onboarded users, we were not hitting the engagement metrics desired. We then mapped the user journey for the first time user experience to understand the opportunities within the current experience. There was limited onboarding guidance and first time users were not comfortable collaborating right away as they needed time to create trust and familiarity with the community and the content on the platform.We did not want to focus on growing the user base without first addressing what was missing from this first time experience. Engaging the new users became the primary challenge. 

The Murmur app was full of cutting edge interesting knowledge all held in prior posts which was not easily discoverable by a new user.  We wanted to give users an easy way to view this older content in a knowledge base to help a new user find value quicker and get comfortable , gaining trust with the app and in turn, helping them to engage in the first value prop – getting feedback and giving feedback on cases.  This wealth of knowledge is also a competitive advantage, as shown via our competitor analysis and it should be taken advantage of to build their competitive moat.


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Bill Billerson

CEO, Haystax


Introduced a new way to discover content
Created an explore section, where users could discover new and trending topics and explore content outside of their collaboration space. The interface was designed to accommodate different types of snackable content and presented in a way that would encourage engagement, and invite repeat visits.

New first time user experience
Introduced a guided walkthrough that highlights key experiences of the app and helped users select the content that interests them. Critically, the flow also dropped the users into the new explore section where that breath of content helped users gain trust and comfort with their new community, getting them to engage with the content and fellow doctors sooner.
Optimized information architecture
Clearer navigation was designed to help users understand the features and content available to them. One key architecture decision was to separate the explore and discover part of the app from the smaller subset of collaboration and commenting around the topics you were actively engaged on. 


What brings you to the MurmurMD community?


Discussion of clinical case


Learn new tips and innovative techniques from my peers


professional networking

FTUX Walkthrough

Information Architecture

“Exposure to complex cases and complications. Learning from others’ complications is in my opinion the single most beneficial part of clinical social media.”

MurmerMD User

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