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Before we were Salesforce architects, systems integrators and consultants, we spent a career in your shoes building businesses that used Salesforce as the backbone of our client relationships.

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What can you do with Core Clouds?

You can see all interactions and have a 360-degree view of your lead & customer journeys with Core Clouds, Marketing Cloud & Service Cloud, enabling you to reach out at the right time with relevant offers via the communication channels best suited to your prospects.

Core Clouds can be connected to other Salesforce Clouds (such as Marketing Cloud® or Service Cloud®) to improve prospect and customer engagement as their requirements are fulfilled.

Core Clouds can be integrated with 3rd party solutions, AI capabilities, or mobile platforms to give your sales teams all the information and tools they need to close those vital deals. Management can utilise these tools to gain critical insights, create forecasting models and generate accurate reports to understand the state of the business.

Lead Management

We configure your Core Clouds CRM to replicate your lead generation process and enable you to easily convert leads to customers. To ensure you have all your data in one source and easily accessible we configure the following:

Pipeline & Forecasting

We modernize your sales processes by configuring your Core Clouds to provide real time insights by setting up the following:


We configure and manage your Clouds and tools within the Platform to ensure you have 360 degree visibility of your customers and streamline your internal processes, such as:

Sales Productivity

We help implement best practices for your sales teams through configuration:

Einstein for Core Clouds

Our team will configure your AI tool to Core Clouds, thereby constantly scanning your CRM and external feeds, providing you with advanced Business Intelligence such as:

Salesforce Mobile App

We configure your mobile sales app to give your entire team access to the your Salesforce platform, whether in the office on out in the field. Key features include:

What can you do with Tableau?

You can take the fast path to value by enabling your employees to ask powerful questions, find untapped value pools, and make informed decisions. Tableau’s intuitive analytics, low-code approach and fast calculations mean you can manipulate data at the speed of thought.

You can understand all facets of your Customer 360 by pairing Tableau with Salesforce. Tableau is natively integrated into Salesforce Clouds and Apps, and has pre-configured dashboards and visualizations providing instant benefits. The unique combination of Built-in Einstein AI, Tableau and Industry data models leaves Salesforce the best positioned platform in terms of Readiness.

Extend Tableau by bringing your own predictive models with Einstein Discovery, Einstein Recommendation Builder and Python Extensions. Tableau’s community provides a wealth of visualizations, connectors and extensions to provide instant enhancements and spark inspiration.

Tableau is both a standalone solution and a solution running on the Salesforce platform. It can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud depending on your needs. You can leverage multiple data sources including those in your Salesforce platform,, third-party cloud databases, excel spreadsheets, and secure onsite databases.

Lead Management

We configure your Sales Cloud CRM to replicate your lead generation process and enable you to easily convert leads to customers. To ensure you have all your data in one source and easily accessible we configure the following:

Tableau CRM

Formerly Einstein Analytics, Tableau CRM provides the rich data insights of Tableau inside your Salesforce platform. Once configured, you’ll be able to answer key business questions by leveraging the data in your organization:

Tableau Extensions

Supercharge the data analytical power of Tableau with AI assistance. Our team will build models in Einstein Discovery, Einstein Recommendation Builder or Tableau Python to identify and surface data patterns in plain English so users never have to ask a question to gain valuable insights:


Our experts will enable your staff to fully utilize Tableau through personalized workshops. Using your own data, we can take you through the capabilities of Tableau so staff can ask better questions and access data insights:

Types of MuleSoft integrations

Cloud integration

We integrate cloud-based SaaS applications with each other so you can create a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

On-premises integration

Integrating on-premises applications and data ⁠— even the most complex ⁠— with speed and cost-effectiveness

Hybrid integration

Integration of on-premises and cloud-based apps together to avoid time-consuming and difficult data migration.



Analyzing your existing situation, resources and goals, we identify the applications and data sources to be integrated and how.


We can get you up and running with Salesforce and Mulesoft as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, ensuring maximum impact and value.


Our skilled developer team can build tools that unify your employees’ digital working environment to increase productivity.


VRP experts can build a scalable infrastructure where all your business-critical tools and data are integrated seamlessly.


We can get you up and running with Salesforce and Mulesoft as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, ensuring maximum impact and value.

MuleSoft Support & Maintenance

Our dedicated Managed Services practice can provide you with administration support and proactive monitoring of your solution.


To enable the best possible business technology platform, we bring together all your legacy software, SaaS applications and data for a secure and unified experience.

What are Salesforce Managed Services?

Salesforce Managed Services is a proactive approach that helps businesses focus on their work rather than managing their Salesforce platform. You gain access to our team of expert administrators, consultants and developers who can provide assistance when you need it, enhancements at your request and pro-actively advise and make recommendations based on best practices.



Get an adaptable contract tailored to your needs. Our low rate packages start from as low as 20 hours a month with rollover hours and overages possible.

Daily support

Get day-to-day Salesforce support including correcting incidents, solving problems, completing change requests, and carrying out release management processes.

Continuous evolution

Access our broad team of Salesforce experts experienced across the Salesforce platform and third-party solutions to continually enhance your solution.

Data management

Ensure your data quality via our services. Whether you need to execute a smooth data migration, undergo data cleaning or implement a new solution to automate data quality, our experts are ready.

Proactive management

Keep your Salesforce Platform in perfect shape. Our team will carry out regular health checks, security reviews and make recommendations accordingly.

Enablement & Training

Increase adoption and increase the value your company extracts from Salesforce. We can conduct training sessions with trainers, individual users or whole teams.
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