Case Study

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Telecommunications Company

Satellite technology company uses Salesforce CPQ for contract management of their subscription connectivity services, accelerating renewal cycles.


Contract renewal was a struggle as there weren’t established processes, nor a centralized location, for contracts.

The renewal team was searching for paper contracts, making calls to salespeople, and trying to stay ahead of renewal dates. Frustration grew as some contracts expired before a renewal was in place causing clients to lose their satellite connectivity.

To further add time, after new contracts were created, a manual approval cycle began before a contract could be sent to a client. The process was done via email and depended on the renewal team forwarding the email to the correct approvers and those supervisors reviewing and approving in a timely manner.

Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Advanced Approvals

Salesforce Order Management


It was decided to implement Salesforce CPQ to provide a centralized product which offered structure and visibility for the renewal process.

Contracts would now be held in Salesforce with visibility to the dates, products, and other information pertaining to the document. Automatic alerts were created to notify the renewal team ninety days prior to a renewal allowing for any prep work to be completed.

Salesforce Advanced Approvals were implemented to control the approval process and allow visibility into the contract before approving, while allowing users to reassign approvals if someone was not available.


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Bill Billerson

CEO, Haystax


Speedier Contracts
The contract renewal process time was reduced from three weeks to four days. Salesforce became the “source of truth” for all contract related information.
No Missed Renewals

The renewal team could now find their assigned renewals easily using native reporting. With the addition of the renewal alerts being sent to the team, no renewals have been missed.
Streamlined Process

The approval process was reduced from one week to two days. Additionally, there was an audit trail of whom approved what at which time removing finger pointing around the slow approval process.
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